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Although the market garden is our primary business venture, developing a sustainable homestead and learning new, related skills is an important and complementary passion for us.  We'll share our journey and look forward to hearing about what you are experimenting with in the homesteading space!

Baking & food preservation

We preserve as much garden bounty as we can by canning, freezing & dehydrating.  Leslie also bakes weekly making sourdough buns and sweet treats.  Find our baked goodies at early and late-season farmers markets.  Contact us if you need a special order! 

Poultry & small livestock

We keep small flocks of laying hens ane meat birds for personal use.  In the works: duck eggs & meat rabbits.  

Building projects

Our homestead infrastructure consists of a tiny-ish (450 sq. ft) passive solar home, mobile sauna & mobile chicken coop.   For the farm, we converted a shipping container into cold storage & seed starting space.  We also built a modified, custom caterpillar tunnel to provide protected growing space for hot crops and season extension for baby greens.  We're happy to share info on our processes.  Contact us to discuss options if you'd like George to build a custom mobile structure or tiny home for you.


Root to Rise Gardens
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