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2024 Root to Rise Gardens Summer Work Trade Info


WE ARE FULL FOR THE 2024 SEASON!!!  Read on for info on our program and we hope to work with you in 2025.


Work on our farm in exchange for fresh veggies!  Gain experience in small-scale farming and vegetable growing in cold climates.  Enjoy fresh air, get your hands in the soil, and build community.   


What to expect?

  • 3-4 hour shift/week (June-Sept; 17 weeks).  Work traders must be able to commit to one regularly scheduled shift per week and be able to show up to a minimum of 12 shifts during the season.   


  • Compensation: $15 in-kind credit (veggies/eggs/baked goods from our farm) for each hour of work.  Please use within the week (generally we can’t carry over farm credit week to week).


  • Work in all weather conditions.  Bring layers, rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, work gloves.  Closed-toed shoes are required for safety reasons.


  • Work is physical in nature.  The ability to bend, kneel, squat and lift/carry up to 30lbs is beneficial.  If you have concerns about the physical nature of this work, please talk to us as we may be able to match you with less intensive tasks.  Take care of yourself… stay hydrated, take breaks, or stop for the day if you need to.


  • Communication!  We aim for clear communication and expect work traders to aim for this as well.  Let us know in advance if you need to miss a scheduled shift.  Tell us if you need assistance, have questions or are uncomfortable with a farm task so we can attempt to address any issues. 


We want folks involved in our work trade program to be successful and enjoy their time on the farm.  We aim to help tailor your experience to meet your learning goals.  However, we are also a working farm and efficiency and safety are top priorities to keep our farm business functioning. 


Guidelines for success in farm work (here & elsewhere): 

  • Work WHILE you talk. 

  • Limit cell phone usage. 

  • When you finish a task, look for/ask what’s next. 

  • Clarify instructions that aren’t clear to you. 

  • Put away tools after use & clean up work areas. 

  • Strive for high quality & efficient work. 

  • Have fun, take care of yourself, stretch & get enough rest!

Other important notes:

  • No dogs during your shift unless you make specific arrangements with Leslie (we love dogs, but unless they are well trained or able to be on a tether outside of the garden area they can be a food safety hazard).

  • Please check with us in advance if you’d like to bring a guest with you to your shift.

  • No children during your shift unless you make specific arrangements with Leslie (it isn’t safe for us to have unattended kids running around while we are working).  We’re happy to have children visit the farm, but please arrange a visit during a time that isn’t your work shift.

  • No smoking on the farm.  Please let us know if you are a smoker as tobacco users can transmit Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) to nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc.).

  • Restroom use & handwashing: Wash your hands after using the restroom, eating, blowing your nose, cell phone use.  This is especially important for food safety if your work involves harvest or wash/pack.  There is a compost toilet and handwashing station near the garden as well as a restroom in our tiny house. 

  • Illness/not feeling good: for food safety reasons (and personal comfort!) please don’t come to a shift if you’re not feeling well.

  • We have a work trade log.  Please sign in and out at the start and end of your shift.

  • We don’t have regularly scheduled work-trade shifts during Saturday Red Lodge Farmers Market.  However, we encourage each work-trader to attend 1-2 markets with us to get a feel for the market scene and get to know some of our customers.

  • We don’t have specific paid positions at this time.  However, work-trades are a way for us to get to know you and can be an entry way to paid, part-time work for committed individuals.  Please speak with us if this is something you are interested in.

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